Danielle Martine Farrugia

Science communicator

Danielle M Farrugia is a Science Communicator at the University of Malta and has previously taught Science and Physics at Maria Regina Mosta Secondary School. She is a B.Ed graduate in Science with specialisation in Physics and has obtained a Distinction for an MSc in Science and Society. She is also one of the contributing editors of Sounds of Science published in the Sunday Times of Malta. Danielle is currently the project manager of Malta Café Scientifique and presenter and founder of the science program Radio Mocha Malta on Radju Malta which airs every Saturday at 7.30pm and the following Monday on Radju Malta 2 at 9pm. She aims to bring science closer to several publics by organising such events in the hope of bringing more awareness of science and scientific technology. She is very interested in science communication by creating opportunities where scientists and citizens are given the opportunity to interact with each other. She has recently started her doctoral studies in public engagement with science.

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